Microarray Database for Expression and SNP data

DNABuddy is a free application that assists with storage and downstream processing of Microarray Expression and SNP data.

DNABuddy supports output to Genespring, Eisen Cluster, BRB Array Tools, Partek and IGB.


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Watch how to install DNABuddy on Microsoft Windows. Watch how DNABuddy is used with Eisen Cluster.


Download Download DNABuddy - Installer for Windows x86 (130MBytes).

The installation package consists of the application software, a user manual and a demonstration study (used with permission).

The above demonstration screencast is included that shows how to use DNABuddy with the Gene Expression Omnibus(GEO) study GSE6008 and Eisen Cluster.

DNABuddy has been successfully installed on Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate.

DNABuddy has NOT been tested with Windows x64 or Windows 7.

Privileged access is required for the installation of Windows services.

Known Problems

There are known problems installing Xampp, particularly with Windows Vista, so check out their FAQ.

Currently the covariate queries are processed as textual data. Thus a covariate query involving numeric values may give seemingly unexpected results.


Work on DNABuddy ceased in December 2009.

Enquiries regarding DNABuddy may be directed to: rohan(at)dnabuddy(dot)org